Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sketches and Possible Book Items

Aside from writing, my partner/coauthor and I also do a large amount of art - most of which I won't really spam you with here.   Normally I wouldn't be sharing it here, but this piece is novel related, as we've wanted to offer special add-on pieces with our novels.

So, for Seeking the Storyteller, I've started drawing chibies of some of the characters.  For those who don't know, chibies are super deformed versions of a character who generally have large heads, little bodies and are incredibly cute.  I've sketched versions of Cyn, Haven and Mira for the novel and also plan on sketching Alix, Fagan and Dox.  I'm considering making them into keychains, stickers, bookmarks - things like that. 

Currently this is only the simple sketch.  Details and fine-tuning will be added at a later time and I'll post progress as it goes. 

Of course, any suggestions for what you'd like to see them as are very welcome!
If you'd like to see more of my art, you can visit my deviantart account


  1. Wow! Great sketches. Is there a way to have some of these as individual sketches scattered about?

    1. Thanks! I'm not sure what you mean by scattered about? We are planning to release them as add ons once they're finished and colored and such.