Sunday, January 26, 2014

Genderbent Beauty and the Beast

So all around tumblr I've been seeing genderbent versions of Disney movies lately (where they swap the genders of the main characters) and this morning the muses would just not leave me alone.  So I wrote a little story based on these pictures. 

He first noticed her around the bookstore, her small bushy tail wagging just around the corner as he looked over the rows and rows of books and their high prices.  They all looked so lovely, but he really couldn’t afford to buy all of them, considering how rare books were.  Thumbing through the coins in his pocket, he mentally counted again how many he had.  It would have to be enough.

The owner of the bookstore was corgel, as always, and gave a wrinkled smile as the coins were exchanged for the volume and then Bel left the store.  His stomach filled with the same warm feeling he always had - a beautiful day and a new book, all he wanted to do at that moment was stop in the middle of the road and read it.  But he knew better, considering what had happened last time with Lady Gabrielle.  Bel shuddered at the memory.

Ducking down the city road, as fast as he could without drawing attention to himself - he did take the time to say hello to the baker and her husband - and soon he was out of the town.  A quick glance out of the corner of his eyes and he sighed in relief, seeing he was still being followed.  A few more steps and he was near the tree, sitting down in his favorite place and opening the book to the first page.

It always took some coaxing, but it was worth it.  He would read the first page out loud as if that were normal enough, all the while listening to the branches and leaves around him move.  After about three pages he could see her shadow inching toward him, still wary.

Upon reaching page five was when she usually stepped into view.

Her coat was matted, twisted with briars and tangled fur.  On that day in particular there were three claw marks near her ear which had dried over and badly stained the fur, but her eyes were wide and the brightest blue as ever.  He did his best not to look up as she crept toward him, her strangely human yet animalistic face watching him for any signs of danger.

A whole page before she was in front of him, a whole page for her to be calm and realize - again - that he was no threat.  No matter how many days in a row he did this, she was always cautious, and he wondered how often she’d been chased away and attacked for simply being curious.

Page eight was the best, in his opinion.  By then the story had started to pick up and at least one of the characters had stepped out, asking to be his favorite.  Page eight was when he would lift the book just slightly, leaving enough room for her to edge closer.  Page eight was when she would stop next to him and rest her furry head on his lap, the hint of a smile crossing her lips as he read.  

And that’s where she would stay, until the sun set and he could no longer read by the light of the sun, his hand stroking down her furry back and the torn remnants of a lovely yellow dress.  One day, maybe she wouldn’t be so skittish around him and he could ask who she was.  One day maybe she wouldn’t be so scared of him.  

One day, maybe, he could find out who this beastly beauty really was.

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  1. I love this! It is a unique play on the story. I love that he coaxes her out with books! Amazing!