Thursday, January 30, 2014

Second Volume of Grave Impressions Coming Soon!

Just to let everyone know, our friends over at Grave Impressions are releasing their second graphic novel in the series by the same name. Below is a copy of their press release announcement!

(Friendly note that I am not part of the team at Grave Impressions, I am however friends with them and it's my pleasure to signal boost this information ^__^  )

Grave Impressions to Release Second Book in February

When no one is who they appear to be, it’s not easy to trust your suspects – or your friends.

The second chapter in the noir-inspired mystery comic forces amateur detective Howard Graves to face the truth: his easy case is getting harder by the minute. And though suspicion may be part of the job, Howard doesn't suspect there's even more to this case than meets the eye – not, at least, until he encounters the one person who's going to turn this whole investigation on its head. Too bad he's doing this all as a favor, or he'd start charging a lot more.

Compared to other members of the cast, though, Howard's doing just fine.  After all, it’s tough to be a gay man in 1942, but it’s worse when your lover isn’t telling the whole truth. What’s going on with Freddy and Napoleon anyway?  What sorts of secrets are they hiding from one another?

Grave Impressions is the brainchild of Ziska, Aleksi and Nym, a trio of creators who’ve been sharing their creation on the web since October 2012 with weekly Sunday updates.  “I’m really excited to be getting into the meat of this first mystery.” Nym said. “There are a lot of twists and turns coming, so the fans better expect a wild ride!”

Slated for pre-release this February, Book 2 of Grave Impressions will 80 pages long – with twenty additional pages of content, including a book-exclusive backstory, an insight into 40’s slang, exclusive new art and much more!

Order your copy at starting February 1st

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