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Character Days: Decker from the Earth's Magick Series

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I have a new character interview this week from Decker - a new companion novel for the Earth's Magick series by Mel Massey. I've read the first book myself and I've got this one on my current list 'to read' once I'm done with the book I'm currently on.  I won't give away too much but I will say that Decker and his family are very interesting characters.

If you'd like one of your characters interviewed, I now have a form with all the questions on it!  Just click here and fill out the info and I'll be in contact with you about posting time and all the details. ^__^  Hopefully this will make it a bit easier for people.

Decker - From 'Decker' and the Earth's Magick series

Tell me a little about yourself and the world you live in.

Mela’s house is in the shit hole town in Texas named Trinity Hills. Ain’t too impressed with it really. Mela don’t have any neighbors, so we’re able to get on with our business without too many lookyloos. Texas ain’t a bad place really. Real pretty and lots of open space. I miss the city life but we’ve got our hands full here, so the country suits us just fine for now. My brothers also live here at Mela’s house. The four of us, Mela, Theo, Vasha, and myself, work pretty well together. She’s got the house and Vasha took up residence in this old barn out back. Me and Theo, we just camp it outside. I like the open air. Plus, with all the other magickal or otherworldly folks traipsing in and outta here, we ran out of room a long time ago.

Tell us your most closely guarded secret?

Oy….this just got real personal, didn’t it? By looking at my eyes, you can see I’m not all together human. My brothers and I all have the same yellow cat eyes. Not sure why it worked out that way, but there you have it. I guess the biggest secret, if I have one now after Wyatt made me tell all my secrets to him, is that I was once married. That was a pretty big shocker, I guess. It’s a long story that didn’t end well. But… I’ve learned recently everyone has a secret or two tucked away somewhere. I’ve been alive for over 2,000 years and I’ve realized it’s best to simply accept the fact that secrets are a necessity for temporary sanity. I say temporary because too many secrets will drive you crazy. And could possibly kill you.

Tell us about your single most important memory.  What was it and how does it affect you now?

The most important memory? Well, I guess that depends on what you consider important, don’t it? I consider survival the most important thing. What I’ve learned from my many, many battles is how I survived each and every one. I’m trying to impart this particular knowledge onto Mela as it happens. I survived because I never hesitated to do what needed to be done. It may not have been pretty. It might’ve even been morally questionable. But I did it and I survived. Mela’s got to learn the same thing if she wants to survive what’s coming.

What type of person are you?  Are you a hero or do you shy away from conflict?  

::laughs loudly:: For shit’s sake, don’t be asking other folks what they think of me. I ain’t everyone’s cup o’tea, that’s for sure. Wyatt says I talk too much about cutting my enemy’s heads off. Vasha says I’m angry too much. Theo thinks I need to open up and share more. Mela says I shouldn’t walk about the house without me pants on. Me? I think I’m what’s necessary. I ain’t no hero and I ain’t no villain neither. Granted, I’ve played both parts over the years and I played them very well. But nobody is really what they did, now are they? Folks are what they’re doing right now. And right now, I’m fighting the good fight. So, for today anyway, I’m a good guy.

Do you have any hobbies, any special talents?

Aye! I can cut a man’s head off in one stroke! I can even kill a man with my bite. It’s poisonous, you know. I’m great at card games. Poker mostly. I’m enjoying music a lot these days…Mela called it…damn it all…what’d she call it? Eighties hair bands! That’s it. That’s good stuff!

And in that line, what would be your ideal day?  

An ideal day is when your enemies are laying dead at your feet by your hand and your mates are all alive.

Do you have anyone close to you, any family or friends of interest?

None as interesting as me. That’s the truth, ask Wyatt. But Mela has her magick and all the power of being a warrior witch. The Elementai are a big deal in the world of the mystical and strange. My brothers, Theo and Vasha are quite interesting. Not just because of how they look neither. But we’re finally getting on well and have joined forces with Mela. This is gonna be one big fight coming!

What is your most prized possession?

My hat. I like my hat.

What initially spurred your actions in this story.  Obviously it had to start somewhere for you, give us an idea of where that starting point is and where it all started.

Well, I came into this particular tale when Mela cast a bit of magick to find my sisters who are in hiding. (That story is told in Earth’s Magick, Book 1.) I felt that magick and came hunting the witch who was messing with the past. But…as it happens, Theo was there as well that night. The three of us, plus the damned angel Sammuele, had an interesting first meeting. I was ready to kill Mela, can you believe it? Still ready to kill the angel if it ever comes to it though.

How do you envision your future? 

Me and my mates alive will due. I ain’t picky. Alive with a beer in my hand will do nicely.

Tell us where we can read more about you?  

Well, I got my very own book thanks to Wyatt. It’s called DECKER, adequately named, If I do say so myself. All about me and my history. Starts when I was young, before my sisters left and ends with me on Mela’s back porch talking to Wyatt. That was harder than I thought it was going to be, telling all my memories. I’d forgotten some and wished I’d forgotten the rest.

Author: Mel Massey

Author's blog or website:

This is the first companion novel to the Earth’s Magick series. DECKER should be read after reading Earth’s Magick, Book 1 ~Earth~

Book Blurb:
In this first companion novel to the Earth’s Magick series, Decker tells his incredible, and sometimes painful, life story. For over 2,000 years, he has fought to survive and find his place in this ever-changing world. Beginning in a remote village in ancient Saudi Arabia, he takes the reader with him to Egypt, Rome, Gaul, Ireland, Scotland, Africa, and finally to the New World.  Earth’s Magick readers will relive Decker’s incredible adventures and his most intimate secrets.

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