Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday Promo: Provocateur: Eyes Wide Shut (MM erotica)

Hey everyone,

As you may or may not have caught on, I joined up with a few other authors to start releasing more erotic genre'd fiction through Heatstroke Press.  My story, Blushing Apples is up, along with my partner's novella Lemon Wedges.  As part of this, every monday that a new one comes out I'm going to be promoing them here for you guys to see.

Heads up, these are erotic tales and do involve sex between various pairings and all over the range of kinks.  So if this isn't your thing, then I wouldn't follow the links.  You've been warned. 

First up this Monday:

Two men. One hour. No holds barred. 

Carter Reid and Brandon Young come from two different worlds. One a courtesan, one a self made millionaire with a penchant for a light bondage. 

Extremely graphic and detailed, Provocateur: Eyes Wide Shut is an intimate view of what happens when these two worlds collide. 

An erotic short of 4,500 words

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