Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Book Review: Taken by the Minotaur by Isabel Dare

What's it about?
Like the old myth, Theseus makes his way into the labyrinth to defeat the dreaded Minotaur.  We all know the story, determined to stop the yearly tribute sacrifices, he plans on killing the beast and bringing it all to an end and come out a victorious hero.  The problem is things don't go quite as planned and Theseus probably should have realized that creatures don't always want sacrifices to mame or eat or kill.  Sometimes they're hungry in other ways.  And sometimes the hero finds himself surrendering in a way he never anticipated.

Another novella I picked up purely on a whim, due to a promo for a free try, I'll admit I'm so hooked.  I love Greek and Roman myths and apparently this author makes a habit of taking those familiar tales and turning them into delicious erotica.

There isn't much thought needed here and if you're not familiar with the myth, you will lose nothing.  Instead this author easily walks the line between seeding in information you need and leading you on a familiar hot ride.  It honestly felt like I'd accidentally discovered hidden pages in that mythology textbook that the professor swore up and down shouldn't be there.  And contained within is this hot alternate universe tale where Theseus doesn't slay the Minotaur, instead he lets the Minotaur take him.  The story is predictable, but it doesn't disappoint.  Instead it made me realize that there might be something hot about all those shifter and monster erotica stories out there that doesn't make you feel like you've dropped into a taboo abyss.  For the first monster erotica story I've read, I was pleasantly surprise.  It was short and sweet and I was happy to find that there are two more parts that I plan on picking up.  Not to mention that she has a whole slew of stories like this and it looks like I'll be filling my Kindle bookshelf with all of them, because this is definitely a newly found guilty pleasure.

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(Disclaimer: This book was obtained during a free book promotion, no money was received for this review.)

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