Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Book Review: The Obsidian Stairway by Bibi Rizer

Genre: Erotic Romance

What's it about?
Somewhere in the future, or another world, O'Mara Tanner is a reporter, charged with reporting on the 'services' offered within the Pleasures, a futuristic red light district of sorts.  It's her job to go take part in the new services and then write a saucy story that will bring the patrons in and satisfy the need for sex in a world where the population balance between men and women is completely off and men are hard to come by.  This time, she's interviewing the mysterious Tully and the very unique service he provides.

I admit, I bought this book purely based on the fact that it was an erotic short, and since I've been dabbling in that genre a little myself writing wise, I figured I should read a bit of what's out there. This came up on my feed as a free offering and I figured why not.

First and foremost, I am intrigued by the world this novella presents.  A large scale uprising left this world with an in-balance between the genders, leaving a setting where harems and eunuchs are very common and women are more likely to find companionship in each other then the few men left around.  This was an interesting place to set a story that ultimately talks about a woman rediscovering what love actually is.  I was very interested in this world and the problems this sort of society presents, and how that honestly relates.

The problem is, that such an interesting premise actually does the overall story a disservice.  It's too short, and there's a lot of questions left unanswered with all the information.  I was left with more questions about this world and the scenes that you go to an erotic novella for were really an afterthought in my mind.  By the time this story got to the sex (which was hot in it's own dystopian way), I really didn't care, because I was more interested in learning and exploring this strange world the story had presented me with.  This creates a problem, because as an erotic novella, the sex does need to be there and shouldn't be seen as a hindrance to the overall thing.

That being said, I actually did like the story.  In hindsight, this is something I would rather read as part of a box set, or a long running serial that I can marathon during a late night when I really should be sleeping for work the next day.  I am interested to learn more about Tully and O'Mara and I hope their paths cross again, but I also wouldn't object to different couplings in this odd world.  Either way, I do want more, I just wish I'd waited until more was out.  I see there is a second book and I will probably be picking it up, but I may wait until there's at least another after that.

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(Disclaimer: This book was obtained during a free book promotion, no money was received for this review.)

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