Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Character Interview: Randall Fagan - From Seeking the Storyteller

Good morning everyone, today our publisher has finally revealed their fanclub which can get you access to special items concerning our book and many others.  As part of this, an interview with one of our main characters: Randall Fagan is on the site!

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Randall Fagan, a certified Hunter!  Mr. Fagan, thank you for meeting with me!
Really, you don’t need to be that formal.  You can just call me Fagan.  I don’t use Randall, you can think of it as a… secret identity thing.
Ahahaha, sorry about that, I'll just call you Fagan from now on.  Now, can you explain what it is that you do?  What is a Hunter, exactly?
I would say it’s like a police force, but I’m going to get in trouble for that.  So let’s just go with we’re the people who hunt down the monsters and demons that people don’t want to acknowledge exist.
So you're saying that demons and monsters actually exist?  Come on, you must be joking!

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