Friday, June 2, 2017

Where to Find Us This Weekend: Minnesota

Wow, it's been a busy week.  I meant to post this back on Wednesday to give some people some warning, but with everything going on I didn't get a chance.  So here's two events you can find us at this weekend!

Saturday morning you'll find us at Dreamers Vault for their Wonder Woman event.  We'll have a table with many of our normal items and the wifey will be sporting her Wonder Woman dress in honor of the movie!  We should be at the Minneapolis location from morning until around noon, so be sure to stop by!

Sunday, we'll be special guests at a book event in St Paul at Big V's Saloon!  Come hang out for live music, book readings and check out local works!  We'll be there around 2 pm and will, of course, have our stuff to sell.  

As always, feel free to come by and buy stuff or just chat and hang out!  We love to see everyone, especially locally in our home area.  And if there's an event near you that you want to see us at, feel free to let us or the organizers know!

See you there!

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