Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Where To Find Us In March 2016 - WI, MI, UT

Convention season is a go, and this month we have a gauntlet of conventions to get through: three in a row!

First up, this weekend, we have Anime Milwaukee in Milwaukee Wisconsin!  We'll have a table in Artist Alley and some new dresses to show off.  Plus!!  You'll be able to preorder the sequel to Seeking the Storyteller for the first time: Beneath the Chapter!  Check out the map below for where you can find us. 


Next up, we have Shuto Con in Lansing Michigan from March 18th to 20th.  We won't have a table in Artist Alley, but we will be running some panels and wandering the convention.  


Finally, we have Salt Lake City Comicon from March 24th through 26th.  We're guests!  Come stop by our table in the Dealer's room and attend our panels!  We'll also have our normal crafts and costumes and the ability for you to preorder Beneath the Chapter as well. 
And check it out, they gave us banners!


Can't make it to any of these events?  That's ok, we have plenty of other cons coming up.  Plus, you can always order our stuff through our etsy or just say hi to us on this blog or our facebook pages!

See you there!!

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