Sunday, October 4, 2015

WD Oct 2015 Challenge: Start a Writing Blog and Claim Your Domain

Start a Writing Blog
For today’s platform-building task, start a writing blog. You can use Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, or another platform if you wish. To complete today’s task, do the following:
  • Create a blog. That is, sign up (if you don’t already have a blog), pick a design (these can usually be altered later if needed), and complete your profile.
  • Write a post for today. If you’re not sure what to cover, you can just introduce yourself and share a brief explanation of how your blog got started. Don’t make it too complicated.
  • Share your blog URL in the comments below. I’ll go through and create a list of blog URLs, so that we can easily find, follow, and friend each other in the blogosphere. It’ll be great!
  • Read more about this entry here at Writer's Digest

Claim Your Domain

For today’s platform-building task, claim your domain name. I’ve never made this a task in the past, because it costs money to register a domain name. Rather, I’ve strongly encouraged doing it. However, I think it’s so important to have a stable piece of online real estate–and the price is really so minimal–that it has to be a requirement for a writer platform.
Why is it so important? Let me share the story of my former boss and current friend Jane Friedman. You see, there are two Jane Friedmans in the publishing world (probably more), but my Jane Friedman is the one who claimed all of the sites with that name.  

As you can see, I combined two of the exercises into one day.  Why?  Well, because if you are here at this page, you know I already have a writing blog.  So it seemed really odd to me to make a blog post that says "Hey!  I have a blog."  
As for the second one, when I became an author, I quickly discovered that not only was my first name hella popular across the internet (part of the reason I call myself Snow in most fandoms is because there's so many Jessicas out there) but my last name is also popular!  Googling myself I am apparently a lawyer, a popular high school sports star, a design coordinator, an author and someone who made a crap ton of money off Neopets.  None of those were me,but they're all named Jessica Walsh.  So I may have to struggle now with differentiating myself from the other Jessica's out there, but I've already published books and changing the name on the covers is a bit hard.  So I'm still working on that. 
In the meantime, my website is actually under our company name: Sewn Together Reflections and a good portion of my social media is under the name most fans would know me as, be it Snow, Jessica or Destiny.  So I'm juggling a couple, but then I've never really been simple ^___^

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