Wednesday, March 11, 2015

You Have My Permission


Hey you.

You may not know me, you may not see me and you may not hear me, but I need you to know.  You have my permission.

You have my permission to be beautiful. Be beautiful, be lovely, be stunning and rock that new look.  Rock that look that is you.  Be that look you've worn a hundred times because it's just so comfortable for you.  Curl your hair, shave your head, or don't even brush it.  Roll out of bed and be yourself or snuggle under those blankets.  You can do it, you have my permission.

Go to that meeting, cross the street, take a step back and dance from one foot to another with the most indecisive thought.  Pose for that photo, snap that selfie, duck out of view, hide behind your neighbor.  Nod yes, shake no, or don't respond.  You can, whichever you'd like.  You have my permission.

You have my permission to be brave, to be bold, to be beautiful and to be brash.  You have my permission to be quiet, to be submissive, to be agreeable, to be tame.  Be who you are.  What you are.  Whoever you want to be.  Be as progressive or loud as you want.  Be as quiet and fearful as you want.  You have my permission.

Be the person you've always wanted to be.  Be the person you've always been afraid to be.  Be yourself.  Be someone else.  Be who you want to be.  Be who you need to be.  Just be.  You have my permission.

You may not know me, you may never meet me or you may see me every day.  You may talk to me, you may pass me, it doesn't matter.  I just want you to know, you have my permission.

You may need this.  You may never have heard this.  You may have needed to hear this all your life.

It's ok.

You can do this.

Now.  Give yourself permission.

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