Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Announcing Upcoming Collaboration with Grave Impressions!

A little late announcing it to my blog, so if you follow me on any other social media you've probably already heard...

But I'm happy to announce that my partner and I will be collaborating with the creators of Grave Impressions on the second volume of their reimagined fairy tales series!

The first volume is a fantastic GLBT retelling of Cinderella.  If the Shoe Fits tells the story of a shy young man who falls for a charming prince.

You can actually purchase the first volume here, if you're interested!  I've read it myself and I can tell you it's a beautiful and sweet story with an amazing water color art style.

Our collaboration will be for a different fairy tale, which isn't revealed quite yet.  I'll be sure to post updates here as we're allowed to release them and once it's ready for purchase, you'll be sure to know!

In the meantime, please, check out their page!

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