Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Colossal Con Fashion Show!

At Colossal Con last weekend I had the honor/opportunity to showcase my dresses in my first ever fashion show!

The fashion show was put on by Tejnin Creations (which makes awesome geeky swimwear), and we had a blast.  Below are some of the awesome pictures of my models and dresses, provided by Eddie B Photos!

You can also see video of my portion of the fashion show here, taken by a member in the audience.

Below are the pictures and I'll also have links to my lovely model's facebook and cosplay pages as well!  As always you can find multiple shots of these dresses on my Cosplay Facebook page and if you're interested in me designing a dress for you or a commission, information is at the bottom!





Thanks to everyone who came to the show!

And/or if you want me to actually make you a dress, 
please message me through my Cosplay Facebook page ^__^

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