Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New Release!! Hunters: Beneath the Chapter Release and Preorder!

We're happy to announce that our second book in the Hunters series is now available for preorder!

"Was this why? Was this the reason he'd told her to be quiet, because this needed to happen?"

The middle of winter has given the residents of the warehouse plenty of time to mull over their last adventure. The Storyteller has been found, but has left behind only more questions and no real answers. Just when the group exhausts all of their resources, a new organization comes to the surface that could tie up all the loose threads. 

Unfortunately, the Chapter isn't what it appears to be, and the Hunters are now left to deal with a new threat that hits a little too close to home. What secrets is the Chapter hiding, and is it worth uncovering the truth?

Once again we have an amazing cover created by Rain-Arc Rhapsody, with formatting done by Deverish Workshop.  (Please be sure to check out their pages as well!)

So, you ask, where can you get the book?  

We have a couple different options for you with discounted preorder pricing!  Just click on the link below for whichever you'd like.

Physical and ebook copies of Seeking the Storyteller also available now!

All copies of Beneath the Chapter will be released and shipped on or around April 30th this year.  If we get our copies sooner, so do you!  

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