Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 - A Year of Cosplay

2015 was an awesome year with us visiting several conventions and many states!  We also finished quite a bit of cosplay that year!  Below are the ones we finished and you can expect blog entries in the future going into details.  If you have any requests about how things were done, or things you want to hear about, please comment below.
You can also check out our Facebook cosplay pages for the most up to date photos and details on where we'll be next and what we're making next!  
And now in no particular order...
Dragon Ball Z Goku Dress - Designed by Brichibi, commissioned

Nautical Ballgown - Designed by Snow, commissioned

Rose Quartz from Steven Universe - commissioned

Track Jacket from Nocturne - commissioned

Captain America dress - designed by Snow, commissioned

Death the Kid from Soul Eater dress - designed by Snow, commissioned

Lady Tremaine from Cinderella pinup - designed by Snow

Dr Facilier from Princess and the Frog pinup - designed by Snow

Stevonnie from Steven Universe - t-shirts altered by Snow

Kingdom Hearts Wallscroll Dress - designed by Snow

Mario and Bowser dresses - Mario designed by Brichibi, Bowser designed by Snow

Winter Soldier Dress - designed by Snow, commissioned

Baymax dress from Big Hero Six - designed by Snow, commissioned

Scorpion from Mortal Kombat - closet cosplay

Princess Godzilla - commissioned

Sailor Moon Wallscroll dress - designed by Brichibi

Looking forward to all the cosplay we'll have and make in 2016!  See you then!

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