Thursday, September 11, 2014

Character Days: Lucky Luchazi from Lucky Sevens

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Character Days:  Lucky Luchazi from Lucky Sevens

Tell me a little about yourself and the world you live in.  
My name is Luca Luchazi, people call me “Lucky.” I grew up back East. Did my time in the Navy SEALS and that’s when I wound up out West. Las Vegas became my home. It was a good home for awhile. I found work as head of security at Lucky Sevens Casino under a great man named Charles Vega. But after Charlie died everything went to shit. 

Now I work for a spoiled brat who inherited the casino as a gift from his rich father. Not only that but I’m starting to think old Charlie didn’t have an accident after all. In fact, the entire operation stinks of corruption, smuggling and murder. And being that Charles was like a father to me I owe it to him to find out the truth. 

Tell us your most closely guarded secret? 
I'm what they call a functioning alcoholic. I don't remember when I started drinking I just know that I need to have it. Drinking takes the edge off. Especially these days I have a lot of stress that I address with a drink here and there. But don't worry, I have it under control. I can stop any time.  

Tell us about your single most important memory.  What was it and how does it affect you now? 
I'll never forget seeing Charles Vega's body splattered all over the street. He was my mentor, like a father to me, and to see him dead on the pavement underneath the casino he built from the ground up was heartbreaking and haunting.

What type of person are you?  Are you a hero or do you shy away from conflict?  
I never claim to be any kind of a hero. I do my best with what is given to me. Nothing is black and white in this world but I try to keep my nose clean and walk the straight and narrow. And if someone I love is in trouble, or needs my help, I’m always there. Especially if that someone is Brooklyn…the love of my life.

Do you have any hobbies, any special talents?
From my days in the Navy SEALS and then as head of security for Lucky Sevens Casino, I developed a nose for trouble. If you think you're going to get away with something shady you better not get on my turf. I'm not much for hobbies. My job is my hobby. I enjoy keeping the peace, keeping the trouble out of my casino. 

And in that line, what would be your ideal day? 
I've lived my ideal day. I go to work, I keep the peace. I keep an eye on things and shut them down before they turn sour. These days that has proven more difficult what with the takeover from the Zeder family. But don't count me out just yet. They don't call me lucky for nothing.  

Do you have anyone close to you, any family or friends of interest?
Brooklyn Becker. Sure it sounds like a tired old story. The guy falls for the stripper with a heart of gold. Cliché right? But this time its true. Brooklyn is different. She’s smart and beautiful all at the same time. Sure she’s stubborn,and we butt heads, but I’ve never loved anyone else in this world as much as love her. I just wish I hadn’t messed it up between us. Now if I can only win her back.

What is your most prized possession?
My pearl-handed revolver. Some say I love that gun more than any woman. She sure has treated me better than most. But I got that gun as a gift from my old man right before he passed on so I treasure it.

What initially spurred your actions in this story.  Obviously it had to start somewhere for you, give us an idea of where that starting point is and where it all started.
As soon as Charlie died. Ever since then everything has gone to shit. Names and bodies have been dropping off left and right. The Zeder family has taken over and put their idiot son Eddie in charge of the casino. The name change makes me sick. Charlie's casino was full of class and style. This new embodiment called Saints and Sinners is just a carnival attraction. It's everything that is wrong with Vegas now. Its all spectacle, nothing of substance. The decay of the city has to stop and I'm the man to stop it. 

How do you envision your future? 

Tell us where we can read more about you? 
Lucky Sevens by Cynthia Vespia...and who knows where I might end up in the future. 

You can buy the book here!

-Cynthia Vespia

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