Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Commissioned Art: Xaver Knoxton

Back from Daisho Con 2013
and I wanted to share this awesome sketch we got of one of our characters.

When we go to Anime Conventions we always set money aside now to get at least one commission.  Basically, we have descriptions and we pay the artists there to sketch at least one of our characters so that we have artwork to show on the site and then people can see what our characters look like.

This one in particular, drawn by thedietelfdraws, is of Xaver, one of the Hunters in our book.  He's an intimidating and rough loner that taught Fagan how to be a Hunter and showed him the more interesting perks of the life style.  They were partners for a while until Xaver went out on his own.  when the story starts, Xaver has called up his old trainee to say he's got a situation he needs help with.  Which is really strange, because usually Xaver is capable of handling anything thrown at him.

We have other fanart from past conventions and I'll share those too over the next couple weeks.  In the meantime you can also see them at my author site in the 'library' section.

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